Sitemap - 2023 - The Queenager with Eleanor Mills

Eleanor's Letter: Welcome to the Inbetween, time to dream, wallow and call in the new

Queenager Interview: Eleanor Mills meets the Queen of wellbeing Liz Earle

Noon Circles: Details for Christmas Drinks tonight ... and the first three dates for 2024

Eleanor's Letter: What is a Queenager?

Queenager Careers: Redundancy hurts, particularly this close to Xmas, but help is at hand in the Noon Jobs Board

Eleanor's Letter: Why Trinny is a true Queenager icon - and my top books of 2023

Eleanor's Letter: It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas... is that good or bad for you?

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Eleanor's Letter: Our Queenager tour of Filling in the Pieces in Black with June Sarpong

Queenager Careers: Gendered Ageism is real in hiring that's why we run the Noon Jobs Board

Eleanor's Letter: Starting a new chapter takes grit, guts and the support of other Queenagers

Eleanor's Letter: Have we so helicopter-parented our kids that Uni feels hard for them?

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Eleanor's Letter: Books, leaves and the layering of memories

Eleanor's Letter: I didn't know Matthew Perry the man but I knew Chandler better than many of my real Friends

Eleanor's Letter: Quiet in France, mania in Spain and how the essential link is mutual support

Noon Circle World Menopause Day Event at 6.45pm tonight log in details

Queenager Careers: Looking for a new job? ITV is looking for Queenager employees...

Queenagers, work and why the brain drain is about more than menopause...

Eleanor's Letter: Queenagers quitting and the second brain drain: it's not just menopause

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Eleanor's Letter: So Much More to Come...the art of reinvention in midlife

Queenager Finance: It's not too late to sort out your pension... your future self will thank you!

Queenager Careers: Looking for a new gig? Check out our September Jobs Board

Eleanor's Letter: Strictly, Angela and the world as it should be...

Eleanor's Letter: It's not too late to get a grip on your Queenager finances...

Eleanor's Letter: Empty nests, new beginnings - tis the season of new starts but change is difficult

Eleanor Meets: Laura Kuenssberg and the BBC's top politico says, "I love being a Queenager"

Eleanor's Letter: Queenagers, self-pleasure and a very intimate workshop!

The Queenager: Noon Book Club on Monday 4th, 7pm

Stop Press: Dr Lucy Ryan author of Revolting Women joining Noon Circle tonight

Queenager Noon Circle tonight: 7pm in Soho details here

Eleanor's Letter: That Spanish kiss, #metoo, gendered ageism and calling it out

Queenager Careers: Over 50 and looking for a job? Check out our Noon Jobs Board

Eleanor's Letter: Financial Spanx for Queenagers - how to put in place sound underpinning to make the most of your midlife prime time

Childfree Queenagers: midlife women without kids make up 25% of the cohort - so why don't we talk about them more?

Queenager treat: 20% off everything at LK Bennett

Eleanor's Letter: Vogue, And Just Like That - even the glossiest depictions of Queenagers evoke a gendered-ageist backlash

Eleanor's Letter: What is a Queenager? The Knowledge you need and our next Noon trip

Eleanor’s Letter: this Queenager is a FORCE - Grace Jones and the art of true confidence!

Queenager Jobs Board: our monthly list of 50 plus friendly employers, actively recruiting women like you!

Eleanor's Letter: Divorce, the dos and don'ts from the Succession Set's go-to lawyer

Eleanor's Letter: 12 brilliant books to take on holiday - plus snakes, shedding and acceptance

Paid Subscribers: Details of the Tuesday Noon Circle

Eleanor's Interview: Martha Lane Fox on Men Behaving Badly, Elon, Boris and dinosaurs - and becoming a mum at 45

Eleanor's Letter: Your beach read for summer sorted, free for Paid Subscribers

Eleanor's Letter: France is burning - or is it? Truly a tale of a country of two halves

Eleanor's Letter: Shame, sharing and creating connection

Eleanor's Letter: School's out forever!

Queenager Careers: Your monthly Noon Jobs Board - companies waiting to hire you now!

Eleanor's Letter: Prince Harry, the press and finding a new Queenager tribe

Eleanor's article: Davina, the pill and the downsides of the invention that freed women to enjoy sex

Eleanor's Letter: Fallowing, Wallowing and how Less-ness can be More-ness

Eleanor's Letter: On Super Queenagers -Joan Collins, Martha Stewart, Tina Turner and what true 80-something inspiration looks like

Next Noon Circle: 30th May, Soho 7pm

Eleanor's Letter: the anxiety epidemic and how to help ourselves and those we love

The Queenager Careers: over 50 and looking for a job? This month's midlife-friendly vacancies

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Eleanor's Letter: HRT shortages - again! And our best ever Noon Book Club

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Eleanor's Letter: From ravines to pageantry; when we strip everything back we find the gold

Eleanor's Letter: I hoped that by the time I was 50 sexual harassment at work would be history...

The Queenager: what do we owe future generations? Earth Day special

Queenager Careers: Jobs actively recruiting over-50s and how to get yourself work-ready

Eleanor's Letter: The true face of friendship in midlife; light in the darkness.

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Eleanor's Letter: Hockney, spring and saying YES to joy

Eleanor's Letter: The arty pursuits that can extend your lifespan by ten years

Eleanor's Letter: Forget the To Do list! Be soft and kind to yourself

Noon Circle: Tuesday 28th March 7pm

Queenager work and careers: take my Midlife MOT and find yourself a new job

Eleanor's Letter: Mother's Day is bitter-sweet, with much pain for many

Eleanor's Letter: What I learnt chairing seven panels over International Women's Day 2023

Eleanor's Letter: We are not done, it is not over, we are coming into our prime. Happy Birthday Noon

Eleanor’s Letter: Sex, Queenagers and rainbow leg orgasms... we are still sexual beings

February Noon Circle: Tuesday 28th 7pm

Eleanor's Letter: Queenagers and work. "Sometimes I feel like I am shrivelling inside"

Eleanor's Letter: Nicola Bulley and the weaponisation of menopause

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Eleanor's Letter: Ageism, Misogyny and Madonna

Queenager Exclusive: The new face of women in business: Eleanor Mills meets Hanneke Smits

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Eleanor's Letter: Queenagers, money and emotion.

Eleanor's Letter: Slow Down Ladies, there's time!

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Eleanor's Letter: Blissing out in an icebath - come and join me for some wild swimming

Brands, Queenagers and letting them know we exist!

Eleanor's Letter: Prince Harry and the magic of mushrooms...

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Eleanor's Letter: Wolf Moon and calling in what we want for 2023

Queenager Exclusive: January Noon Book Club with Shelley Read author of Go As A River