Meet Eleanor the Queenager

Queenager | kween·ay·jer | noun 1. whatever you want it to be.

Hello and welcome to the club. I’m Eleanor Mills, I’ve been an editor in mainstream media for 25 years but last year I walked away because I got so sick of how they portrayed midlife women and then I set up my own platform called Noon (if you don’t know it come on over some time).

At Noon, we call ourselves Queenagers. We’re pioneering midlife women who are in our prime, starting new chapters, a bit hormonal but most importantly becoming the women we are supposed to be. More than ever, our lives are in our own hands and we want to make sure you’re getting all the joy, fun and good stuff you deserve.

So why am I here on Substack?

Because I want to hear more from all of you and your tales from the front line of midlife. This is where we’ll share all the good stuff and the bad. It’s where I’ll get to speak to you and you’ll get to talk to one another.

Every week I’ll send you a newsletter where I document my own midlife journey and on top of that we’ll be having events, get-togethers, I’ll even drop the odd voice memo into your inbox AND you’ll have access to our monthly Noon Book Club where we speak with the authors. Plus, if you become a paid subscriber you’ll get a free book!

What do I get if I become a paid subscriber?

It’s important to me that EVERYONE gets access to my best writing and conversations. That’s why my column is and will always remain free to subscribers. However, some people might like closer access to me and my work. These people can become paid subscribers.

If you become a paid subscriber not only are you supporting independent journalism and the work that I do, you’ll receive lots of extra content and access to events along the way. For a start, you will get access to our new monthly Noon Circle where I lead a group of Queenagers in a discussion about something pertinent to our lives. You’ll also receive a free book every month as part of our book club. Plus, paid subscribers can send in their questions in advance for me to ask the author.

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Finally, if there’s a woman in your life that you think should be part of the Queenager club, please share this with the brilliant women you know.