Such a relief to read this! So much is being written about how to keep women in the corporate workforce after fifty and not nearly enough about the strong urge to get out and do something different: Why that urge exists and that, yes, it is absolutely fine to get out and do something new. Brava!

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I love Uma so much! And your phrase midlife-clusterfuck will stay with me forever. I’m in my early 40’s and already feel like this. It’s so inspiring to hear from women who are pivoting to build a better life for themselves. Work just isn’t working for us as we grow older and our priorities change.

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This was fascinating, a great summary of the shitstorm that hits women in middle-age. I love the "centered, decentered, recentered" concept. I'm saving this to re-read and also for research in the novel I'm writing now. Thank you!

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Yes to all of this and also to recognising that many women simply cannot afford to retire.

Pension poverty amongst older women is a significant problem and likely to increase as pensionable age rises.

Whilst I acknowledge the challenges that women who have primarily been in a corporate career face, there are many many more who have not worked long enough to accrue a pension large enough to support them in later life and on top of this have the additional challenges of the midlife cluster fuck as you describe it.

A bit like the record industry not recognising how streaming was going to impact its bottom line, it all feels a bit too little too late when it comes to dealing with the challenges of accommodating older people in the workplace.

Something needs to be done and soon in order for a whole generation of people to be able to manifest the life they desire in their later years.

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Totally agree, I know that women's pensions are only half of men's at 50... there is a real problem here. I wrote about it a couple of weeks ago!

Love what you do Suzanne and would love to do something with you and Noon. Eleanor

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